Other Services 

Emergency Call Out 

This service is ideal for regular clients for the times when you find yourself in an unforeseen situation such as having to work late, stuck in traffic or for any other emergency situation. We offer a 30 minute visit to your pet to feed him/her, let out in the garden or a short walk and leave lights on if required. 
Drop us a text if your unable to make a call to us! 

Puppy Breaks 

All growing puppies need lots of rest and gentle exercise that is gradually increased over time. The early months of a puppy's life are the most important, ideally your puppy should be exposed to a wide range of experiences, noises, animals and people as soon as possible. 
For our very youngest friends who are just too little to join the main walks, we tailor make a combination of home visits and solo walks to suit you and your puppy's needs. 
Puppies need a healthy balance of being left alone and receiving enough social contact and company to avoid behavioural problems forming. 
We gradually work towards introducing your puppy to other dogs for them to socialise and learn from. Ultimately, a well-socialised puppy is more likely to result in a confident, sociable, well-adjusted adult dog. 
All puppies need several small meals a day and regular access to the outside if they are to become properly house trained as quickly as possible. 
We provide a twenty minute home visit. During this time we get your puppy used to us, play, feed ( if needed), take them for a short walk ( if required), clean up any little 'accidents' in the house and most importantly give affection, reassurance and lots of cuddles. We will reinforce basic training during the home visits, we are not professional dog trainers however and we do not charge for this part of the service. 
If there are any other services you require which are not listed, please contact us to see if we can help. 

Home Visits 

We also offer home visits to dogs. We will provide care on those long lonely days when you simply cannot care for them yourself, by making regular visits either once or twice a day. We will let pet’s in or out, replenish water and food supply, clean up any little accidents, take your instructions on the type of care you require. 
We give your pets lots of fuss and attention that they are used to whilst remaining in their familiar surroundings and keeping to their daily routine as if you were there with them. 
This service is also ideal for dogs of senior age or if your pets are recovering from an illness or an operation to give them a comfort break. Our home visit/s to your pet will provide lots of fuss, cuddles and T.L.C and we will administer oral medications when you are away from your pets for the day. 
Whether your away for the weekend, going on holiday or just out for the day we will come into your home and care for your pets which is a great alternative to imposing upon friends and neighbours. If required we can give your house that lived in look whilst your away, such as open and close curtains, bring in your mail, turn lights on and off, which provides the bonus of heightened security and protection for your home while you are away. 
Please note “Billy's” do not believe that dogs should be left alone for long periods overnight. In exceptional and emergency situations, we will dog sit overnight. 

Pet Taxi 

“Billy's” Taxi service is ideal if you do not have your own transport or want to keep your car free from pet hair. You may not drive (taxi drivers can be reluctant to carry pets in their vehicles), or simply do not have the time to take your pet where it needs to go. 
We provide a pet transport service where we can help you with home relocation, take your pet to and from the vets( we can represent you at the veterinary surgery and provide you with a detailed report and any instructions from your vet), grooming parlour or any other location required. 
We transport your pet in our specialized van, which is fully insured. 
We have cages of various sizes for your pets comfort and safety. 
Inside the cages are fitted vet beds and rubber matting underneath for hygiene. If your dog likes to travel with any of his own bedding/toy, we can put those in the van too. 
We always have fresh water on board and a fully equipped first aid kit. 
Please note we are unable to carry human passengers in our vehicle due to insurance terms and conditions. 

Billy's Home Dog Boarding for Small Dogs 

Billy's Home Dog Boarding for Small Dogs is an excellent alternative to kennels. We look after small dogs in our own home as part of our family for the duration of their stay with us. Many dogs get stressed when their owners have to go away and so Billy's dog boarding service is ideal for owners who dont want to board their dog in traditional style kennels. 
Billy's home boarding is Council approved and fully licensed. 
Whether your going away on holiday or away just for a few days your dog will feel at home here at Billy's having all the comforts and love your dog is used to having at home. 
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